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Emotion Code, Body Code, and Belief Code Practitioners

At Love and Light Squared, we provide energy healing gently and compassionately. We identify and release trapped emotions and other energetic imbalances in our sessions. These lower vibrational energies get lodged in the tissues and cells of the body. Over time, these can distort the body's chakra systems, bio-electrical, and magnetic fields resulting in physical and emotional imbalances. Scroll down to read more about all of the services we provide.

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"I have been receiving Emotional Code sessions from Diana and Javier since November 2021. My first session was in person and ongoing sessions have been received remotely. From the very first meeting with Diana, I immediately felt a great deal of heaviness lifted. As I continue to receive sessions remotely, every area of my life has improved, physically and emotionally. Body ailments have lessened considerably, and navigating life's challenges have been less stressful. Currently, either Diana or Javier works on me remotely. They both are incredibly compassionate, true empaths, and healers. Both are tuned in from afar and seem to know just when I need work. I feel safe and cared for in receiving Emotional Code from Diana and Javier. I am forever grateful to them for sharing their healing gifts." 

"I struggled with negative emotions and struggled to let them go. I have been seeing Diana and Javier for Emotion Code sessions and they have also been working on my heart wall. Since doing so I have seen a change in myself. Javier and Diana have also helped me release several trapped emotions that have been hindering my health. I had a painful lump on the left side of my breast and through the release of emotions this lump has diminished along with the pain. Every area and my life is shifting for myself, my kids, and every relationship I have. Words cannot express how thankful I am to both Diana and Javier. They both are talented and blessed with  wonderful gifts to help people heal." 

"Javier and Diana are earth angels that help with so many things. I had the honor of having them both work on me personally and also my dog. My dog had gone to several veterinarians for skin conditions. Javier worked on my beloved pet and her skin condition started to clear up over a short period of time.  I am forever grateful for the amazing care we received. I highly recommend this wonderful pair." 


"When I first began my sessions with Javier and Diana the goal was for me to just feel better. I was at a job that I was very unhappy with. My health was also a big concern. I would often have anxiety attacks at work. After a few months of them working on me, I was offered a new position with better pay. I knew this was a result of my sessions with them. I was also able to get off my anxiety medication, which I am so grateful for. I am currently working with them on my health and my weight. I have already seen progress in both of these areas." 

"My daughter suffers from a multitude of allergies that affect her skin. We were at our wit's end trying to figure out the root causes and how to treat them properly. The doctors prescribed her medicine that seemed only to exacerbate her symptoms. It wasn't until Diana and Javi offered their Emotion and Body Code services that we witnessed a change. Her reactions are now mild, and one food allergy is completely gone. I firmly believe that true healing only happens when we release the emotional energies trapped in our bodies."

"I highly recommend working with Diana! She is such a comforting and supportive soul and a true healer. I have gotten so much out of our Emotion Code sessions. I have had emotional breakthroughs and have even noticed physical improvements in different areas of my body. I appreciate the Emotion Code techniques because it truly gives you a specific and personal healing guide. It has been so helpful in my healing journey and I’m amazed at my results"


Our Services are safe, effective, gentle, and appropriate for every member of the family, including pets.

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The Emotion Code is a gentle form of energy release that focuses on letting go of trapped emotions that upset the vibrational energy in the body to ease physical discomfort, remove barriers to love and relationships, remove blocks to success, and help soothe trauma.


The Body Code is a patented, revolutionary energy balancing system, intended to help you uncover root causes and address your emotional wellness, body system balance, toxin resolution, pathogen resolution, structural balance, as well as nutritional and lifestyle needs.


The Belief Code is a revolutionary way to look into the subconscious in order to identify and release negative belief systems.  This is done by identifying negative programs, limiting beliefs, false beliefs and Negative core identities and releasing them.  This helps you overcome persistent negative thought patterns, over come obstacles, reach goals.  This is helpful for all areas of your life. 

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