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During a session, our practitioners will connect with your subconscious memory. A person's subconscious has recorded every aspect of their life.  

Using muscle testing, Javier or Diana will ask if there is a trapped emotion or energetic imbalance that can be released or corrected. They will then identify and release the trapped emotion or correct the energetic imbalance.

Many people report feeling a 'buzz' of energy moving through their bodies as the emotion is released.  They will also report feeling “great, lighter, peaceful, joyful" etc during and after the session.  

Diana and Javier have found that most people can release around 10 trapped emotions in a session and need 3-4 sessions to clear a heart wall.  

They always follow up with a post-session report outlining what was released or corrected.

Sessions can be done in person, or remotely. 

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